Not so deep as a well

Live at Casa del Popolo on january 17th 2014.
Picture by Maïcke Castegnier.

Myriam Gendron is central to L'Oie de Cravan's activity for many very good reasons. But this is about her own stuff : she is about to release an album of songs based on Dorothy Parker's poetry. It will be called Not so deep as a well and will be released in mid-february 2014 on Feeding Tube Records (vinyl) and Mama Bird Recording Co. (digital). You can check out her Tumblr right here and listen to Solace, the first song from that forthcoming album.  She also just recently started a Facebook page here.

This is what Byron Coley and Richard Meltzer wrote about the album :

I can say w/out caveat or fear of folly that the disc you now hold is the hottest—and FINEST!—Impossible Love collection in, I dunno, 30 years.  35!  (True.) 

Richard Meltzer, Portland, 2014.
«Not So Deep as a Well» is a wonderful debut album, similar to certain obscure progenitors but possessed of a startling and original grasp of aesthetic holism. It is also a goddamn trip to hear. Enjoy.                             

Byron Coley, South Deerfield, 2014.



…is here!

Incredible new book of old stuff by Julie Doucet.
All bilingual!
Available in Quebec bookstores and on this site
starting october 3rd.

Look at what Julie Doucet says on her tumblr : here. 


Images from a submarine celebration

This past may 12th, at the chic Sala Rossa in Montreal, there was an amazing evening of music and poetry for the benefit of the slow bilingual cultural paper  Le Bathyscaphe. For those who could not attend, and for those who just love moments from the past, we have put online on Vimeo some extracts from the great performances of that evening. You'll find right here a list of the artists that took part in the evening : you only have to click on the name of any of them to play a scientifically preserved extract of the performance he gave on that night. 

Sadly these links don't work anymore as of sunday september 29th 2013.
Some of the artists have posted their video on youtube (among them Gabriel Levine and Myriam Gendron).

Byron Coley reads from his poems. Live french translation from Marie Frankland 
and guitar by Bill Nace.

Charles Plymell reads from his poems.
Pam Plymell reads a french translation.

Charles Plymell reads from his poems 
with Mauro Pezzente on bass.

Myriam Gendron sings the songs she created
from Dorothy Parker's poems
with Laurence Gendron on cello and backing vocals.

Gabe Levine sings his songs 
backed by Keiko Devaux on piano.

World premiere of  Le Clou de la Gang
featuring Simon Drouin, Julie and Zachary Delorme,
Danya Ortman and Jasmin Cloutier. 

Greg Webber and his band Kill Chicago.

Urbain Desbois and his guest drummer.

Thanks to all the artisst for their presence
and to Julie Bourbonnais and Éric Néron for the videos.



Bulk cargo

Long long february leap.

* Kiva Stimac, the great lady behind Popolo Press in Montreal (and the spirit behind the Sala Rossa and Casa del Popolo along with her partner Mauro) did an interview with L'Oie de Cravan that you can read right here if you don't mind scary pictures.

* L'Oie de Cravan travels : we'll be in Paris from mars 16 to 19th, taking part in the Paris book fare (Salon du livre de Paris), stand U51. Come see us !
We'll also be in Los Angeles on mars 24th to take part in Shelf life 2 : A big day for Small Press with our friend Byron Coley. We'll have a fine sample of our books, normally hard to find in this part of the Americas. Do come to see us!

* Some of you might know Le Bathyscaphe, the fine bilingual cultural paper with an international crew that we are so proud of being associated with. Well, here comes Bathysphere, a new, lighter, photocopied free zine offspring of the former, made to measure to flow with the movement of times. The first issue is out and its main focus is on the Occupy movement. You can get it from the crew of Le Bathyscaphe or read it online in pdf format right here. Not much english in this issue though, but you can read here in english the full interview Hermine Ortega did with Mark Read, the guy behind the Bat Signal at Occupy Wall Street (just skip the french intro!).

And these were the news for this long long freezing leap month.


French compositeur Byron Coley

C'est la guerre in the Composer's section at the Centre George Pompidou bookstore
(picture by Thurston Moore)

We've put out Byron Coley's C'est la guerre : early writings 1978-1983 in may last year. A lot of talk about it on the web in the US but very little press. Europe seems strangely more into inking the good news : first there was a great article in the Wire , there was also a nice word on it in Mojo. Now, it is in France (where the bilingual book is widely available only since november ) that the press is picking up. Check out Guy Mercier's great article in Paris' free cultural rag Balise (november 2011). And, just this week, came out a beautiful little note in the new issue of France's foremost literary magazine Le Matricule des Anges ( january 2012). Blogs there are also buzzing over it but this, anyone can find.

Under the applause : Byron Coley
(picture by Benoît Chaput)